“Intercultural competence is the ability to develop targeted knowledgeskills and attitudes that lead to visible behaviour and communication, which are both effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions”.

Deardorff, D. K. (2006, p. 243)


Building on the importance of intercultural competence in an increasingly integrated, multicultural world, the European project MATE aims to contribute to the increase of the intercultural skills of local and foreign/migrant students and other young individuals in the countries of the project consortium – Cyprus, Greece, Spain, France, Austria and Sweden – in order for them to combat racism  and gradually convert universities and other settings in which they meet and interact (the social media included) into discrimination-free spaces, where human commonalities are promoted and diversity is respected.

The objective of the MATE Platform is to provide the users with an easy-to-follow guide to how to apply the MATE approach to different contexts, with different target groups. The Platform presents the MATE approach to the acquisition or improvement of intercultural skills and the main activities of the project in a structured and user-friendly way, in order to introduce the users to the project concept and grant access to the project results . The Platform is linked to the project website, on which further material on the project can be found. 


At a Glance

MATE (Mingle, Acknowledge and Trust Events):

“Intercultural Skills’ Acquisition for Students and Young Individuals”

Steps for intercultural skills’ acquisition or improvement: 

Aim and Objectives

MATE aims to develop an innovative, holistic methodology for the acquisition of intercultural skills by students and other young individuals of local and foreign/migrant background as well as for the strengthening of the networking between them by combining classroom learning with the implementation of experiential activities.

The project objectives are:

To promote cultural awareness through interventions to local and foreign/migrant students and other young individuals.

To assist foreign/migrant students to increase their social capital through the development of social networks and personal relationships with local students and other young individuals.

To assist local and foreign/migrant students and other young individuals to identify and combat face-to-face (offline), online and disguised forms of hate speech.

To assist local and foreign/migrant students to launch effective, low-budget awareness raising campaigns in order to combat discrimination and hate speech and promote respect for diversity.

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